8:03 PM Gone fishin'

So Julie and I took a trip up to Cassle... it's basically Burney for those that don't know where Cassle is.... We spend a lot of time there with Julie's family.. camping and staying in cabins.. Julie's family is pretty outdoorsy.... But this time around it was just her and I... For the first 4 hours we didn't catch a thing.. we both only got one or two little bites.. It was pretty frustrating considering the fact that a bunch of dudes came right next to where I was casting.. Using the same exact bate practically caught the whole canal of fish... We decided to go down stream.... I think it was God telling us to..

Together, her and I have been having some great talks... one in particular has to do with what we want to do in life and what we feel called to do in our time here on this earth... Lot's of people know I have a huge passion for music and art... I've been working fervently on the Orange Floor vision which constitutes what I want to do "Art" wise.. however, musically.. more so, worship pastoring/leading.. that passion only exists in the close quarters of my home and has been for awhile.. I used to be involved in worship which is something my heart wills to do for the rest of my life... Julie has spent many years pastoring young adults and has worked with some great youth ministries... She has a huge heart for the young women around her and hopes to find opportunities to pour into young women once again.. We both are hungry for what the Lord desires for us.... We decided we are going to search out to find a place where we can walk in our passions .... We know God is behind us..