4:30 PM Church... and Church Planting...

It's exciting to know that we at the Stirring have exceeded the maximum capacity for what God has placed in the hearts of leadership... Thus meaning, some are migrating to another blessed sanctuary to continue out what God is calling and proclaiming for the Stirring community...

-Creating avenues for the lost to be saved.

-Living out discipleship through leaders of biblical and Christ-like character.

-Walking with wisdom, through the strength of Jesus Christ, the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the power of God the father.

-Keeping our doctrine close and always discerning when the enemy might plot against God's vision for the Redding area or among our own camp..

These are all evident in the Stirring and in scripture..
and with new horizons coming, we need to call out those that need to be called out.

I had the privilege of sitting in on a Stirring staff meeting last week... Sean brought some questions to the table and I felt compelled to share what I have been observing during my short time back at the Stirring... He shared with us some of the loose ends of connecting with people.. and in this case was a little overwhelmed and felt things seemed out of place.. I encouraged him to look at the glass half full and know that what is happening is making a tremendous difference.. and although there are some critiques needed, it really just needs to be consistent...

Within this conversation he also said that he needed people... and he needed to know who those people should be. To me, that was an easy fix. On any given Sunday I can look around and see the same people talking amongst themselves. These people are not new whatsoever. In fact, I shared that they are Stirring Veterans per-say and he should grab them and call them out.. As well as the worship team. With the worship team, and I say this from experience... it is easy for those that play every Sunday to mingle with one another, sit in the back and wait for their que. (sound team as well) and never interact with anyone else.... I highly doubt there is a just reasoning for why that would be ok.. For me, it convicts my heart and I have vowed if I ever step into I time of leadership with worship I will overwhelm the time I'm not on stage to interact with people I don't know or rather people I need to build relationship with... It's very simple..

So, as I was sharing some of these insights with Sean, I also shared with him a basic concept that I believe we can all place in our arsenal for sunday night fellowship.. I spoke this with Nate first but decided it was good for Sean to hear... I explained that if I disciplined myself to meet a few people every Sunday and even just shooting the breeze with those I met before, in a few months time or maybe even sooner I would be the most popular person at the Stirring besides Nate or whomever else graces a mic..

Not that being popular is the goal but rather knowing people...I think thats the whole point of community right?

Here's a great video from the archives that Mark and the guys from Mars Hill created for church planters (a little controversial) which doesn't bother me none, I believe in times like these we sometimes need to hear things in this format.. especially with all those indie-emo-seenster kids running around competing with one another to who has the worst life..... For some reason they flock to me.. in which I don't mind.. maybe it's the tattoos. And I understand how to interact with this group of cry babies.. calling them out to the promise of life... but that's another blog...

I hope this video brings or rather supports the ideas that have been drawn up for the Stirring church plant..

enjoy :)