11:08 PM Books to check out...

I was over at the Stirring Office. (which should be a global landmark by the way...they have the Trinity there.... what can we do to make that happen?)

Anyways.. if you haven't been there.. right when you walk in there is this sad looking shelf with a few books on it... I asked Meghan what was the scoop on the depressing bookshelf.. She said.. "oh, that's supposed to be the Stirring library.. [insert depressing sound here] but those that were contributing to it haven't brought in any of their spare books..."

I told her.. " I see you got Velvet Elvis and Purpose Driven Life... but wheres the good stuff?"

she shrugged...

Maybe someone gets on the ball soon... I then went into Pastor Nathaniel and Pastor Daniel's office and blessed them by cleaning off their desks... (lots of dust) I tried to get Brent and Christian to help.. but that's like trying to get people to help transport 250 backpacks to a tiny office for a Church outreach to a local school... Ironically Meghan delegated a similar operation and about a thousand people showed up.. which was really odd..

Anyways.. Pastor Nathaniel and Pastor Daniel work so hard during the week.. hopefully they appreciated my small gesture.

After I left, I went and looked around my house to see if there were any books I could part with... None so far.. kinda hypocritical I guess... but I didn't commit to bringing in books in the first place..

For lacking a contribution to the Stirring library I feel compelled to give a small recommendation on what I find to be great reads... I think I'm going to start doing this biweekly...

So here are the first 3 books...

-Who You Are When No One's Looking: Bill Hybels

First off, this is a great book for guys to read... including Umpa Lumpas.. what do they do when no one's looking? But seriously.. those in any form of leadership. Not excluding anything beyond the boundaries of church walls... whomever decides to pick this book up will go from chapter to chapter feeling like they just got confronted by a little old lady outside a porn shop..

-A Tale Of Three Kings: Gene Edwards

Ever talk trash behind someones back? Practice any form of retaliation often?

I read this book during my time away from Church and battling a six month court trial...
It was like being in Royal Rumble.. tossed, body slammed and forced to lick the middle of my back by water retaining, leotard wearing, buff dudes beating me into submission... I keep this one in my back pocket.

- Where's Waldo: Martin Handford

I think if Jesus were on earth today. He would use the Where's Waldo books for his analogy to the rich man, rather than a camel fitting through the eye of a needle.. Seriously... I'm still searching for Waldo.. Sometimes I think I might have spotted him... like when I'm swimming through the sea of confused looking people that meet up to socialize in the crowded aisles of Wal-Mart..who calls up their friends and tells them "find the most crowded aisle at Wal-Mart.. we'll meet there.. I'll bring the Dutch Bro's.." But when I finally work my way like a rat in a maze to freedom, I quickly realize it was just some indie rock and roll dude trying to look comfortable while wearing a bennie in the dead heat of summer. Did I mention skinny jeans? Other than surviving the circus at Wally world that's a life commitment in itself... Of course I don't have much room to talk with the two culvert pipes I have attached to both sides of my head..... Julie says she always catches people staring at me..... One time (at band camp) she saw this one person so memorized, they started drooling.... I can probably stand in a large crowd for awhile with some buckets.. purify their spit and send it overseas to one of those countries with dirty water... but then again....they do have these..

Waldo kinda looks like a child molester that just broke out of prison and is running to keep from being captured... He and Carmen San Diego would make a fantastic couple.. Their babies would probably be world renown escape artist and conspiratorialist would probably believe that President Bush hired them for 911 ... Maybe Banksy is a creation of theirs.. who knows..

This book is no longer in my possession... I never made my way through it.. but like I said it really stretches your character... kinda like Mike Tyson's punch out for NES. Makes Eye Spy books look like Obama in a debate with McCain.

Happy reading!

P.S. If you click on Meghan's link.. beware of Alien Kitty Cat..