10:41 AM I must be on the right track...

So I was leaving Simpson today and two people walked by smiling... One spoke to the other saying "Yep, Juan is going here." the other replied. "He must be done with backsliding."

The fact that one of them spoke confidently in regards to my life and up until my enrollment at Simpson, I was an unstable neanderthal wasting away my precious calling definitely tells me one thing...

Who gives a rip what God thinks about me... It's about the perspective other people have on me. Seriously, you are never living out your calling unless someone can find you in the database of an institution. And better yet, how about the debt that comes with it.

Sorry God, The significance of my devotion to you must have looked like Micheal Jackson trying to start a Day Care Center. Please forgive me.

Now that I have jumped aboard the A.B. Simpson train I'm sure my life will have some meaning in no time!

Next on the list... I need to see if I can change my Degree Majors from Bible and Theology and Music to People Pleasing and Brown Nosing.