5:47 PM Living in America part 2

What is the deal with socializing health care?

I watched a news segment with two college students that support this idea. Sen. Obama is pushing for a national health care system. Does anybody else feel uncomfortable about this? What sounds good about taking more money from the successful side of our nation. Sen. Obama and others like him want to build a colossal system that caters to anyone that wants free healthcare. Now, I know there are people out there that need help. I'm one of them. But here's the perspective that people are missing.

Do you believe that there will be drug testing before anyone can get such healthcare? What about people with a drinking problem? These kind of people will rely on such a system and nobody will mind because they are receiving the same healthcare that they feel entitled to. What is up with that? What about the people that will be paying for such a system? If you are making an income that is outside the margin that they establish, you are going to be required to pay X-amount towards such a system. Basically you work 60 hours a week and Obama is going to say he wants 50% of your earnings. That's the deal. This encourages people to be underachievers and rely on government programs.

Take the Wel-fare system. That was used and abused in so many wrong ways. But tax payers money kept flowing into it. And what was the outcome? This new system will strip our economy, because those that are making money are smart. These people will move their money to offshore accounts. So, basically the system wont even work and the government will have to pour millions of money we don't have into a program that is really just a giant drain. Other than the fact that this is Socialism at it's best, it's basically punishing those that are successful Americans. Now, If you are very successful and want to help people, I say go for it. Bless people, be available. But in no way should you ever be forced to give 50% or more towards a program that doesn't really help in the first place. People need to stop spoon feeding themselves with crazies like Michael Moore, Al Franken, Nancy Pelosi and recently in the presidential running Barack Obama.

These people serve a secular progressive movement, they want a new secular progressive society that says don't make judgments on what doesn't look right. If you don't have enough money it's ok to steal. If you have a decease you can get blown out of your shoes every night. You can drink yourself into any kind of condition you want. Take any kind of drug you want. It's not your fault because you have a gene that tells you to get crack cocaine. You can't blame them it's not their fault, gotta legalize drugs. Can't punish the drug dealer it's not their fault either. Anybody can get married because we don't want any distinctions. People like Anna Quindlen who promote abortion as a privacy issue. it's ok to decide on a whim while laying on the birthing table to kill your baby 5 minutes before birth, yeah go right ahead. This is just a glimpse of the policy they want to establish. I'm not even touching on organizations like the ACLU and the Illegal immigrant issue. And people buy into this stuff. Why? Well, people are stuck on entitlement and they feel it's the governments responsibility to fulfill that entitlement. But like I said before the way that's going to happen is they're gonna take more money from Mr. Johnson who lives in the big house down the street from you. Is that right? I don't think it is.