12:59 AM I need to start doing these again....

I was going through some old files and came across some portraits I did. Unfortunately about 2 years ago I had my portfolio stolen. In it was about 35 portraits, comic illustrations, lots of mixed media and other cherished art of mine. My entire collection from my AP Princeton University exam was also in it..... total bummer.. And I have a good feeling who might of stolen it. But hey... I can draw more! anyone want to send me pictures? I might be up for drawing them to reestablish what I've lost.

Most recent, 2008... unfinished..
I found a scan of this (Kyle and Kristin Stevens..... I did this back in 2000... (one of my stolen pieces)
I did this in 98.... (another stolen piece)
This was done in 98 as well. ( yep.. stolen)

I really want to start doing these again... Kinda miss it..