2:06 PM Men of God.

Ken Bedsaul.
Jeff Coulter.
Nathan Edwardson.
Eric Podtetenieff.
Dan Lance.
Sean McMasters.
Mike Kerns.
Billy Brown.
Garrett Viggers.
Benji Edwardson.
Christian Ostrom.
Derrick Fleck.
Chris McCarley.
Sean Gafner.
Matt Moseley.
Bobby Pecaut.
Matt Klutts.
Brian Johnson.
Mitch Santella.
Richard Bright.
Bill Randall.
Josh Caldwell.
Jesse Rosten.
John Klein.
Chris Cable.
Nathan Peterson.
Josh Hagquist.
T.J. Macke.
Tony Luerra.
Kevin Nickoles.
Tyler Faires.
Kyle Stevens.
Paul David.
Brent VanAuken.
Yori Niculescu.
Jeremy Gonske.
Jeremy Coverdale.
Matt Metz.
Andrew Randall.
Evan Persons.
Josiah Calendar.
Patrick Hardy.
Jonnie Haddad.
Jeremy Edwardson.
Chris Overstreet.
Randy Miller.
Josh Ratiani.
Pete Metz.
Glenn Calendar.
Richard Gonske.

People come and go. I've remembered some people and I've forgotten others instantly. But men of God have always remained as part of my life with Jesus. Some of these men have helped shape me, Some I've helped shape, Some I've disagreed with at times. Some I've agreed with at times. Some of these men have challenged me. Some of these men have encouraged me. Some of these men I've prayed with. Some of these men have been through hardships with me. Some of these men I've wanted to punch in the throat. Some of these men have watched me cry. Some have watched me run after God. Some have been there while I've wrestled with God. Some of these men I hardly know. Some of these men I see maybe 5 minutes a week or once a year. Some of these men I don't see at all. But the one thing that they all have in common is their passion and heart after God. They are all men of God. They all live their lives postured to please and honor Jesus Christ our Lord. They all bend their hearts towards the Holy Spirit. Most importantly they all have found that the only way to be a true man is to surrender fully to God Almighty. Whether or not I know them well or hardly interact with them... Every time I do cross paths with them I see God all over them.