11:00 PM Blog post.

So Nate asked everyone at the Stirring to blog... Seems we've been slacking. I haven't, but that doesn't matter. These days I blog to myself because I was kicked off Rev Rock (the heavy weight champ of what's right) and The Stirring blog (the blog with the least amount of comments) for disagreeing with Dan on some things (plus I think Nate deleted me too, because he didn't want to not be like everyone else.) Seems I had a thing or two to learn about blogging.

Of course my immaturity, cruel posture, brash comments and poor grammar superseded Dan's blatant mocking and bait trap to humiliate whomever was snagged. (with a smile). But Hey, we all get to dictate our blogs right? Kinda like Myspace. Interesting... somehow myspace drama rears it's ugly head on blogger.. It's become a self proclaimed intellectual hugging network with an egotistical territorial opinionated tally marker as it's sidekick...(Fifth Amendment need not apply) and it even has a top friends. If the attitude stays the same, what's the difference?

I probably just sentence myself to life off Rev Rock and the Stirring and Nate's blog and whomever else.. but oh well.. I'm sure in 2 or 3 years to everyones approval, I'll have grown so much in the Lord and everything will be ok...

I've personally pissed people off, made people laugh, gave people the impression that I was angry... gave people the impression that I wasn't. But with all that... who cares about blogging.. who cares how imperfect I am or anyone else for that matter.. Go read your Bible.. Go pray... Go seek God.... Only that will change your life.... And maybe at some point you'll be approved by all the perfect sinners around you. Who knows.. be hopeful, like Obama..


by the way.... I got accepted to Simpson University... and Julie (my beautiful fiance) graduated Simpson with her second degree..

P.S. This was meant to be funny.... I love both Nate and Dan and my church, with all it's issues.. so don't read into it. except for the God part and the Julie part... Me going to Simpson is probably funny, so I'll let you have that as well.. I'll probably make up for this and blog about something deep, like how to Honor your deadbeat dad..

-Peace. (for real this time)